If you are having trouble using this website or with anything related to your membership please have a look on this page first to see if you can find the help you are looking for. Alternatively please email


Q: How can I renew my Membership?
  • Members need to renew on 1 July every year.
  • Click here for more information and details how to renew your membership.

Q: I am not receiving SKLPC WA Samaj emails.
  • Have you checked your Junk or Spam mail folder in your email application?
    • If so, please add to your Safe Senders List to stop this from happening in future.
  • Have you changed your email address recently?
  • Did you accidentally unsubscribe from receiving Samaj emails?
  • Are you new to Perth, Australia and want to receive Samaj emails?
Did you know that you don't have to be a SKLPC WA Samaj Member to receive Samaj emails?

To subscribe for Samaj emails, click on the link "Subscribe for SKLPC WA Samaj Emails" at the bottom left corner of the Samaj homepage (see picture below) and update your details there.Subscribe for SKLPC WA Samaj Emails

Q: Who does Non-Member apply to? Am I a Non-Member if I'm not a Kanbi?

SKLPC WA recognise three groups of people;
  1. Kanbi Members: This refers to Kanbi's who are Members (i.e. up to date with their Annual Subscription) of SKLPC WA Samaj, including all others who are also entitled to be members of the Samaj by virtue of the Constitution of SKLPC WA Inc.
  2. Kanbi Non-Members: This refers to all Kanbi's in the community who have chosen not to become Members of SKLPC WA Samaj.
  3. (All Other) Non-Members: This broadly refers to everyone else who is a non-Kanbi.

Q: How can I advise you of my interests or Gaam details?

  1. Just find any email we sent you (i.e. from "SKLPC WA") in your mail browser.
  2. Click on the link at the bottom that says "update subscription preferences".
    Be careful not to click "unsubscribe from this list" because this will remove you from the mailing list and you'll need to re-register (see above how to do this).
  3. Update your details on the page that pops up then click "Update Profile" when you're finished.